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Pursuing the Pearl

Eric Byler
Tim Chen
Unsuk Chin
David Henry Hwang
Carrie Ann Inaba
Lea Salonga

Asian American Literature
Kobe Bryant in China
Vincent Chin
Empowering Korean Churches

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Dreams, Stories, Passions, Spirit and Soul
Of the Asian Pacific American Communities
through their story-tellers, authors, commentators, advocates and observers

TO DISCOVER OUR TRUE STORIES that provides an "Up Close and Personal" view of the stories, dreams, history, struggles, spirit and soul of the Asian Pacific American communities - one must read the words from our many story-tellers. One might disagree with some of the issues or the information, it cannot be disputed that these stores (on the whole) are not widely known.

WE WANT TO BREAK THE MANY FALSE STEREOTYPES that the general public has of the Asian/Asian Pacific American communities (starting before the 1800's). A stereotype could be defined as a "loaded image" - an image that is associated with a set of meanings and generalities. Thus, a racial stereotype is an image imposed on a racial group that defines that racial group according to a generality or a set of generalities become associated with an image and become stereotype? It occurs through repetition. As stated by James Chan - "One of the many functions of the mass media, aside from informing, entertaining, or persuading various segments of society, is cultural transmission. Whether the various forms of mass media intend to or not, they reflect and uphold the culture that they serve.

AS A RESULT, A PERSONAL INVITATION is extended to "experience" the stories listed below to "break" past stereotypes (presuppositions/assumptions/beliefs/views) of the Asian/Asian Pacific American communities that has been "imposed on you" by the American media and to established accurate images of our communities. As with all immigrant communities that makeup the ethnic backdrop and foundation of the United States, there are strategic connections of our communities throughout Asia that comes in many forms. These connections can be seen from the eclectic combining of music from Cambodia and the United States (Dengue Fever), Asian talent successful in Europe/U.S. (Unsuk Chin & YoYo Ma/Hiromi) and many other stories listed below. Your many journeys through the below-listed articles will provide many revelations, surprises, sadness and joys that are unique to the Asian/Asian Pacific American communities.

  • "Broken Trail" Cast Interviews
  • Pun Bandhu
  • Sara Davis Buechner
  • NBA China's CEO - Tim Chen
  • Unsuk Chin
  • Dairy Queen Commercial
  • Dengue Fever (Music Group)
  • Philip Kan Gotanda
  • Hiromi
  • David Henry Hwang
  • Carrie Ann Inaba
  • Michael Kang
  • Lalaine
  • Ken Mok
  • Nike China
  • Eddie Kim (Projekt NewSpeak)
  • Lea Salonga
  • Kiana Tom
  • Philip Ahn - Entertainment Pioneer
  • AI (Uemura Carina Ai) - JPop R&B Artist
  • Tia Carrere - Filipino/Hawaiian Actress
  • Margaret Cho - Outrageously Funny
  • Church of Rhythm - Christian Group
  • Hiroshima - Trail-Blazing Musical Ensemble
  • James Hong - Successful Working Actor
  • Daniel Dae Kim - Actor on "Lost"
  • Bruce Lee - An Icon and Legend
  • Jet Li - Emerging Star
  • Keye Luke - Pioneering Actor
  • YoYo Ma - Extradionary Cellist
  • Martial Law - Successful Network Show
  • Minoru Miki - Composer Merging Styles
  • Lea Salonga - Filipina Diva
  • Dalip Saund - Indian American Politician
  • Jack Soo - Japanese American Actor
  • George Takei - Star Trek's "Mr. Sulu"
  • Tamilyn Tomita - "Karate Kid 3" Fame
  • Ming-Na Wen - "ER" Fame
  • Anna May Wong - Entertainment Pioneer
  • Russell Wong - "Vanishing Son" Star
  • Beyond Black and White
  • Impact of Asian American Golfers
  • Tao of Yao (Ming)
  • Asian Americans in Ice-Skating
  • David Maquiling's "Too Much Sleep"
  • Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
  • NBC's "Lost Empire" (TV Review)
  • Spirit Awards 2006 (Review)
  • Empowering the KA Church
  • Koti Hu - Christian Music Artist
  • Pursuing the Pearl - Book Review
  • Vision Behind the AALC Project

  • Kobe Bryant @ Asia Society
  • Lang Lang & Herbie Hancock
  • Lang Lang @ UCLA Live
  • Yoyo Ma @ Hollywood Bowl
  • Kent Nagano @ UCLA Live
  • Lena Park/Wheesung
  • Asian American Literature
  • Chinese Opera
  • Asian Americans and Diabetes
  • Eerily Similar (Lynchings)
  • 442nd's Rescue of the "Lost Battalion"
  • Hell Breaks Loose in Modern Asia
  • Pearl Harbor & Asian Americans
  • Reality of Interracial Marriages
  • Straight Ally to LGBT Community
  • Eric Byler Interview
  • Lynn Chen Interview
  • William Hung is a Star?
  • Alexis Oo Interview
  • "Red Doors" (Actors/Producers)
  • Kevin So Interview
  • Mike Tatsugawa of "PMX"
  • Cece Tsou's "Hold the Rice"
  • Beyond Black and White
  • Impact of Asian American Golfers
  • Tao of Yao (Ming)
  • Upcoming Asian Americans in Ice-Skating

  • Vincent Chin Murder
  • Thung Phetakoune Murder
  • Cau Thi Bich Tran Murder

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